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When you buy a new property, you will definitely want to check about its construction quality. The new materials and technologies have improved the construction process a lot recently. But there are several instances where there are complaints about construction and workmanship.

Hence, before buying a property you can do a few things on your own to understand the construction quality of your proposed building.

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Sound  Paperwork

Even if all the developers promise quality construction, in reality it may not be the case. Therefore the paperwork should be made correct by all means. The type of amenities is usually mentioned in the agreement; the exact specifications and quality are not specified. Hence you have to be very sure about the paper work of the project.

Check the Standards

When you buy a commercial construction in Vancouver, it is always good to do a few unannounced visits to the site to understand the quality of construction. You can also do some soil investigation, its structural design, concrete mix, wall thickness etc. all these should be taken into account before making the final decision .

Third party certifications

It is not possible for a buyer to check all the aspects of construction. Due to this, he can avail of the services of independent auditors.

For instance , if you have a residential construction in Ontario, a pro active measure such as a third party audit can be extremely beneficial .

“In India, consumers can approach auditors registered with the Quality Council of India for an inspection to determine if materials used in the construction meet all safety norms. Whether you do it yourself, seek services of a professional or rely on third-party audit certifications, be alert about the quality of the property being delivered to you.”

Fast Track Commercial was founded by Mr. Dan Deilami in 2006.We are high performance contractors, with extraordinary leadership & management. We partner with other experienced and talented industry professionals such as Planners, Architects, Designers, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to provide you with the right solution.


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