Checklist before Commercial Building Construction

Have you chalked out all the necessary steps needed to build the commercial building? Or you are still confused with the documentation and the legal steps to be followed before the construction begins? Well, here is the solution to all the queries you have. Check out the measures to be taken before the construction below:

Building permit paper requirement.

As per the legal norms one has to produce the following papers mentioning all the details of the site before the construction begins.

• The commercial building application form is to be filled. An application is then to be submitted seeking        permit for construction or   demolition of the building.

• The site plan is to be produced showing the distance, area, land features such as rivers, ponds nearby.

• One needs to have the entrance permit, the civil number application as well as the county setback permit as and when required.

• A written description of detailing of the entire work plan to be executed.

• The Memorandum of Understanding is to be produced.

• The site plan agreement if any.

• The mechanical, electrical and the plumbing plans are to be precisely mentioned.

• The truss as well as the floor layout mapping.

• All the applicable fees are to be paid

Budget planning

After all the legal formalities make sure your budget plan is ready, as this will give a faster pace to the construction process.


Make sure your construction is not hampered due to lack of water or other sources. Always keep in hand a spare of everything possible.

Make sure there is a water gateway nearby your site location.

Focus on the foundation of the site

Be particular about the quality of the materials used for the construction. Use the best quality products and the techniques for the construction. The commercial building should have a building plan to accommodate different business groups. The floor plan can be made as per the requirement of the business needs. While you finalize on your layout of the site make the list of your target audience. The home building Calgary AL are examples of some of the best commercial building sites.

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