Ten Steps to Select the Right Home Builder

When you are starting to think about building your own home, then the first step is to choose the perfect home builder. There are plenty of residential construction Ontario companies that you can pick from, but there are some steps that you need to follow when choosing the right construction company. Here are just 10 steps that you need to follow for choosing the best company for your needs.


Steps to Choosing Right Home Builder

  1. Clearly define desires and needs – You need to clearly define what you want, including what price of house, type and size.
  2. Check experience level – You need to check the experience level of all residential construction Calgary companies. While they were all new in the business at one point, experience does matter.
  3. Satisfaction of past buyers – You should make sure to ask for and check out references from their past buyers of their houses.
  4. Check if properly licensed – You need to make sure that, where it is required, that the company is properly licensed and has the appropriate level of insurance.
  5. Does the design fit your desires – You should ensure that the builder has the required experience in building the style of home that you want.
  6. Service and warranty – You need to see how the construction company stacks up in both of these categories
  7. Resale value – Also, check if the houses that were earlier built by this company have either increased or maintained their value.
  8. Involvement of industry – You should see if the construction company that you choose is part of the local section of the House Builder’s Association, if one is there.
  9. Tour customer or model homes – Before you sign anything, make sure to tour their customer or model homes. This is a step that shouldn’t be missed out and can speak volumes that nobody will tell you.
  10. Look out for signs of quality construction – You should be looking for signs of quality practices, materials and workmanship while you are taking a tour of the homes.

You shouldn’t take building your home lightly, which means that you should follow all of these steps to find the ideal builder for you. Talk to previous customers of the company to see if they are satisfied and if their house has retained the value. Also, make sure that you take a tour of any model homes, if available, or if not, then a house of a previous customer to check out the work.

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